1) Starting ground . It is important to have a floor plan of the lot in CAD format with all the necessary dimensional and elevation details. Failing this, it is possible to carry out the CAD reconstruction of the floor plan of the lot starting from a paper floor plan, from google maps coordinates or from a scale floor plan.

The survey of the house, complete with roads, boundaries and other details, will be inserted in the Cad Planimetry Lot Reconstruction table.

2) Volumetric Calculations Once the starting land has been evaluated, it is necessary to evaluate the volumetric size allowed by the town planning regulations of the place.

Based on the Buildability Index and the options allowed by the implementation urban planning tools, the total building volume is obtained with the Volumetric Calculations .

Then it is important to carry out a study of the volume for maximum exploitation based on the manufacturability index and the permitted options.

new construction project – urban framework

3) Employee Urban Obtained the calculations Volumetric studying the ‘ Framing Urban for better orientation and integration into the batch house proposal and the most suitable type of construction.

The Urban Planning Framework is a fundamental study because it allows to obtain the best placement of the house project in the context, to evaluate the best exposure and view, the distance from the borders and the relationships with the adjacent land, the study of the access routes and finally the typology most suitable home project.

4) Preliminary Project-Idea It is advisable to study some design alternatives to evaluate and identify the best home project and the design solution to be explored. The same can be done for the main facades, or with the Idea Project in Prospectus, a draft study in the prospectus with the suggested house project idea. Also in section in order to evaluate the internal proportions and heights with the Project-Idea in Section.

5) Definitive Architectural Project Once the optimal solution of the house project has been identified with the Project-Idea, you can move on to the elaboration of the Definitive Project in scale and in detail which is a document ready for companies’ estimates and can be developed in plan with the Architectural Project, in elevation with one or more External Elevations and in section with one or more General Sections or Detail Sections